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monogram logo.

Monogram logo-different-logo-types

Monogram logos, also known as Lettermarks are typography based design which uses only a few letters. Usually they are of brand initials rather than the full name. They are easy to identify and focus on minimalism. This is perfect for any brand that has a unusually long name or even if it’s difficult to pronounce.



Wordmark logos or Logotype are similar to Monogram logos, they are both font-based logos. However the difference between the two unlike monograms, wordmarks doesn’t focus on initials bur instead the full name of a brand. Wordmarks pairs well with brand names that are shorter, unique, distinctive and easy to remember as well as pronounce. When combined with memorable typography, creating a unique remarkable brand identity. Both Monogram and Wordmarks are easily replicated across marketing material and branding thus creating a strong brand identity and improving brand awareness.



pictorial marks.

pictorial marks-different-logo-types

Pictorial marks are quite famous. It is an icon or graphic based design. The aim of an pictorial mark is to be emblematic so that the mark alone can instantly be recognised. More established brands benefit from this logo type. They need only an Icon to make the association with their name. This can be a trickier logo type for new companies.


abstract marks.

An abstract mark is family of the Pictorial logo type. Its also an icon or graphic, but instead of a recognisable image it’s more an abstract, geometrical form, avoiding literal representation. Like any well designed logo an abstract mark condense your brand into a single unique image, without restrictions of recognisable shapes or images. Abstract marks provides the opportunity to convey your brand values symbolically,free of implications of common associations made of specific images.

abstract marks-different-logo-types




Mascot logos unlike other logo types include illustrated character. They are often more fun logo types. Vibrant, cartoonish and possibly playful. The Mascot logo is a efficient way of creating a unique face or spokes character to represent your brand. The purpose of a mascot is to give the audience a wholesome atmosphere and get them involved with a great dynamic.


combination marks.

As the name suggest a combination mark is a combination of a wordmark and a mascot, pictorial or abstract marks. Best of both worlds. Their are multiply ways of arranging the two. Side by side, stacked, framed or integrated to create an single image. This is great for new companies, because an icon is associated with their name this is a versatile choice. Later on they can break it down to a pictorial mark and rely on the icon exclusively. Also these logos are usually easier to trademark than a pictorial mark alone.

Combination Mark-different-logo-types




Consist of two elements, a font and a symbol or icon. Traditionally the font will be inside the selected shape. These logos usually have a traditional appearance that makes a striking impact, therefor organisation or tend to favour this logo type due to their classic, traditional style. Emblems tend to be more detailed and intricate. They are less versatile because they won’t necessarily replicate easily across marketing material. For some branding a second more simplified version of the emblem might be created.

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