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online marketing


Convenience of online marketing

Online marketing is Convenient, Why? Its cheaper than traditional marketing strategies and easily tweaked without excessive extra expenses. Imagine hiring a large billboard next to a busy hi-way, Wow. Now after 3 days of exposure you want to change the tagline. The printing company takes 3 days to remove, reprint and reinstall the banner, while you still have to pay rent for the billboard and pay to have the banner reprinted and installed. Online marketing is digital and adjusted effortlessly! 

The internet is easily accessible by anyone, globally. Giving your brand so much more exposure. Furthermore it is hassle free, for both parties involved. For your client, they can conduct business from the comfort of their home. Not having to get dressed, drive and get to a store just to find out they are out of stock! Bottom line is it gives customers a more comfortable experience.  For you almost everything is automated. I’ll get into more detail about this later on. 

In addition you can easily track sales, traffic and lead to sales conversions. 

Low operating cost

One of the main advantages is the low operating cost and your advertising campaign is more cost effective.  Communication with client is instant and more effective, saving on printing, phone calls and time. 


Online marketing introduces a whole new aspect to advertising,  the ability to measure and track results. With a variety of available tools you can track the results of you advertising campaign with detailed insight and onpoint information. These tools does not only track but also indicate the progress in details graphs. It gives you an indication of what aspects of your campaign needs work, how you can better and increase traffic. 

In addition, you can use the data collected to create an accurate audience persona.

One of the core benefits of online marketing is through a website you can handle a lot more traffic. With an efficient site infrastructure numerous instant transactions can take place. Orders, Invoicing, booking and payments can all be automated. Websites additionally improve visibility through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). What SEO does it improves generic leads, so its free marking! With this comes Geo-Location marking, allowing you to narrow down your target groups even more. 

The web hosting company I use that really has things lockdown is, Skyraisen. 

Lastly your marketing campaign will be active 24/7! It runs around the clock, which means your client or potential leads can access information or place orders at any given time, they are in most cases  not restricted by trading hours. 

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